Darlene Ballard
Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Life Encourager
E-mail: darlenesballard@aol.com

It seems like everywhere I go, most everyone is searching for unconditional love and acceptance. It's my heart's desire to inspire you to see yourself differently ... the way God sees you.  (Read Jeremiah 29:11.)  

Are you ready to get "unstuck" from those destructive voices that keep running through your head? Don't you think it's time to start living the way you know it was meant to be?
You are so much more than what you can see.    

Your greatest hurt can become your greatest gift
if you will become better for it and not bitter.

Darlene inspires others through:

  • Sharing God's Message of Hope 
  • Her Inspiring Books
  • Serenity Girl Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Retreats
  • Life Encouraging (one on one)
  • Creative Art Therapy/Journaling
  • Teas and Brunches