Darlene Ballard
Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Life Encourager
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You Go Girl! has stories of women who participated in the Iron Girl Triathlon.
Darlene has absolutely captured the heart of triathlon with You Go Girl! Her book grabs the reader by the collar and says, "Get off the sofa, lace on a pair of running shoes, and hit the road." Darlene smacks fear and intimidation squarely in the face. She encourages and entices the most dedicated couch potato to try something that may seem impossible ... a triathlon
-Cecil Cheves. Ironman Triathlete

Learning to Dance in the Rain is a message of hope, defeating paralyzing fears, overcoming great hurts, and surviving the loss of a loved one.

I have learned many lessons through painting the cover for Darlene's book. One of which is that I must walk by faith and not by sight. Second, I have learned that obedience and trust are the keys to a deeper walk with God. And, last but not least, whether I am in the midst of a gentle rain or a raging storm, I may have no vision ... I may not understand why I'm here ... but God is always faithful ... always beside me through it all reminding me to keep my eyes on Him as He teaches me how to dance joyfully in the rain.
 -Charlotte Smith (Caramia)/www.caramiasart.com

The Master Shepherd and Rose is a beautiful story of the pure grace of God that can turn a life from hopelessness to joy and purpose. It is full of compassion and hope, forgiveness and promise. God is always faithful to His character and His covenant, and by trusting in that faithfulness alone, all who feel rejected and thrown away can be found, set free, and restored. Rose finally surrendered to the Master Shepherd and moved from the field of the Tormentor to the flock of Tranquility. You can too! It is the story of a journey from despair to hope, meaninglessness to mission, and uselessness to purpose.
-Ronald E. Cottle, Ph.D, Ed.D 

Darlene's daughter, Melissa Low, beautifully illustrated the artwork throughout this book. Just INSERT YOUR CHILD'S PHOTO ... and as you turn each page, you will see another scripture verse showing them just how valuable they are in God's eyes. 

Loved by the Rock is a must for those struggling with fear, worry, anxiety, or depression! This little book is filled with positive affirmations and scripture verses and will keep your heart grateful.

Treasures in the Darkness includes true, life-changing stories by Darlene and friends. It will entertain, enlighten, and encourage you to discover your own treasures in the darkness.

Simple Steps will become your own personal journal.
simple steps will give you the tools you need to simplify and balance your life.

My Kids are Angels ... How Are Yours?
This book will fill your heart with laughter and joy as you read about Darlene's
most hilarious moments with her children, Melissa and Jon.

Love of a Different Kind is an allegory ... a Cinderella story with a twist ... but with
Jesus as the true Prince and Savior.
Read how Cinderella goes from
Hopeless to Faithful and discovers her true prince.

Painting by Charlotte Smith
Painting 8 1/2" x 11" 

11" x 14"