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Let your beauty be that of your inner self. -1 Peter 3:4 

Gary Levi 

Gary was not only a dear friend of mine, but he was a true follower of Jesus Christ. He stood strong in his faith and never waivered. Gary's last breath on earth was his first breath in Heaven.

Excerpts taken from In Memory & Celebration and Gary's Letter

"Are you ready for death, should it come to you this very day? Have you made peace with the fact that, at some point in time, your heart will stop beating, your body will be laid to rest, and if Jesus' words are true, you will have to give account for your life, to spend eternity with or apart from Him?

I now want to encourage you to continue to be faithful to our Lord Jesus. Keep your lives focused on HIM. This life is but a vapor, Heaven is for all eternity. Guard your heart! Watch closely where your treasures are, for where you put your treasure, you will find your heart. Of all the treasures I have had in my life, FAMILY by far has been the most valuable.

For those who don't know Him or perhaps are not sure, don't die without Christ. Christ died for the ungodly. Salvation is not by what we do, but by what Christ did on the cross. Believe on Him and you will be saved! Seek Him, love Him, trust Him, and He will save you."

Janice Debice is a precious friend of mine. She and her sweet husband, Raymond, were married for almost 40 years. Janice is one of those women you instantly love. She makes you feel like family the moment you meet her. I've never heard her say an unkind word to or about anyone, and she continually praises Jesus--no matter what! She loves selling her very affordable bling bling jewelry and ministering at the same time. Janice has the gift of mercy, and she will spend hours praying with hurting people. Raymond's gift was waiting on Janice while she ministered to those in grocery stores, nursing homes, hospitals ... wherever God would lead.

In May 2009, Raymond flew into the loving arms of Jesus after a more than two-year battle with cancer. God chose to heal him in Heaven--and Janice is still praising God here on earth.

"Through everything I've gone through in my life,
there is one thing I know for sure:
God is the Alpha and the Omega;
the Beginning and the End.
He is the answer to everything!"
-Peggy Hawkins