Darlene Ballard
Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Life Encourager
E-mail: darlenesballard@aol.com

Embracing Peace in the Midst of Chaos

S taying strong in the midst of life's storms.
E ncouraging one another.
R eflecting on areas we've gotten "stuck" in our thinking, and learning to dream again through life-booking,            creative art therapy and journaling. 
E Learning how important it is to keep a positive attitude and a grateful heart each and every day ... 
N urturing one another in a safe and healing environment.
I nspiring others through our own life-experiences.
T rusting God in the midst of life's storms.
Y Celebrating 

G iving simple acts of kindness to others.
I magining your life as it was meant to be.
R  efreshing, Reflecting and Restoring.
L oving yourself and others in a healthy way.

What Do We Do?

In our workshops, we help you see yourself as God sees you ... as a beautiful and unique creation made by His very own hands. It doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been. GOD LOVES YOU and wants you to live an abundant and joyful life.

We create a safe and nurturing environment where you can get away from everyday life ... where you can reflect and grow, get "unstuck" from destructive and negative thinking, and get back on your divine path of life. Let us pamper you while you make new friends, reflect and renew. It's truly a life-changing experience!

We unfold God's Word in simple ways through creative art therapy, journaling and life-booking ... and the best thing is we love to have fun in the process!

Each workshop is completely different ... whether it's about seeking a healthier lifestyle, or creating more simplicity and balance in our daily lives. We also cover many topics such as overcoming bad habits, rejection, fear and worry.

It's awesome when women leave our workshops feeling refreshed, renewed, and excited about making new and healthier choices. It's as if they sparkle from the inside out because they're beginning to see themselves the way God sees them ... as the beautiful and unique treasure they already are